Data AI Moments At Salesforce Connections 2024: Key Takeways

Data AI Moments At Salesforce Connections 2024: Key Takeaways
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There were a plethora of Data and AI moments at Salesforce Connections 2024 (#CNX24). The event showcased major advancements in both the Commerce Cloud and the Service Cloud. Among the innovative AI tools, Einstein Copilot stood out as a transformative force in customer experience, marketing, and commerce.

The latest features enhanced user experience, streamlined operations, and drove business growth. Here in the blog, we will explore the key highlights of the event.

Let us dive in to find the key takeaways from Salesforce Connections 2024!

Takeaways At Salesforce Connections 2024

Customer experience, marketing, and commerce have just boosted their standards through Salesforce’s new features such as Einstein Copilot, and newer creations in the various clouds.

Here are the highlights:

Einstein Copilot: Revolutionizing Marketing and Commerce

Einstein Copilot is a game-changer, which helps to make your work more efficient and your business smarter. Checkout for more:

Einstein Copilot For Marketing

Einstein Copilot will streamline your marketing efforts and boost your brand's impact and reach.

  • Streamlined Campaign Creation: Einstein Copilot writes your marketing briefs and emails for you as well as creating content for your marketing and sales automation.

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: It generates responses based on customer data and your brand voice, it helps you get your message out faster and more effectively.

Einstein Copilot For Merchants

With its intuitive natural language prompts, it streamlines storefront setups and crafts personalized promotions that delight customers and skyrockets conversion rates.

It also surfaces invaluable insights to boost product discoverability and offers AI-powered SEO recommendations to maximize your revenue potential.

Data Cloud for Commerce

Einstein Copilot integrates enterprise data, such as product details and inventory status, with customer data to create a unified view that spans the entire customer journey.

From optimizing product bundles to sending timely notifications for abandoned carts and back-in-stock items harness the power of AI-driven analytics and automation to make informed decisions.

Einstein Personalization

With Einstein Personalization, brands can effortlessly craft marketing campaigns that automatically adapt to each customer's journey, delivering the next best offers and personalized content seamlessly across all touchpoints.

It's the ultimate tool for creating meaningful connections and driving engagement, regardless of where your customers interact with your brand.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features: Brings Commerce Revolution

Salesforce announced developments in Commerce Cloud to improve businesses’ capabilities in the provision of shopping experiences that are specific to each client.

let's dive into the key highlights that are shaping the future of commerce:

Salesforce Checkout: Your All-in-one Shopping Solution

Powered by the Einstein AI Platform, it ensures consistent, hassle-free shopping experiences across all channels. With built-in merchant services for payments, tax, and shipping, you can say goodbye to complex integrations and hefty bills.

Plus, the expanded partnership with Stripe brings you native tax services for convenience.

Headless Commerce: Unlocking B2B Commerce Potential

With headless commerce capabilities in the Commerce Cloud, developers can easily create engaging B2B sites that match consumer shopping experiences.

Customizable frameworks, access to Salesforce platform APIs, and integration with AppExchange apps streamline project development and scalability, reducing complexity and time to market.

Discover the Power of Composable Commerce for B2C

Developers can create tailored e-commerce experiences in record time with enhanced Salesforce APIs and customizable personalization features. There are multiple features from Product Listing Page (PLP) tiles to Buy Online Pickup in Store, the possibilities are endless.

Plus, with support from Commerce Cloud's trusted SI partners, businesses can easily scale their hybrid commerce experiences.

Salesforce Service Cloud: Elevating Customer Service with Digital Engagement

It helps businesses deliver better customer experiences. It is now time to find out more about what Service Cloud Digital Engagement can do for you and how it is changing the face of customer service.

Unified Conversations for WhatsApp

Now, not only can marketers send targeted messages, but service agents can also access a customer’s complete conversation history. No more switching channels—agents and marketers can collaborate using the same customer profile, ensuring a seamless experience.

Omni-Channel on Mobile

With Omni-Channel on Mobile, employees can engage with customers across any digital channel using the Salesforce mobile app. Plus, all conversations are securely logged on the Einstein Platform.

Bring Your Own Channel

Now, businesses can seamlessly integrate popular digital platforms like KakaoTalk, Discord, Instagram, and TikTok into Service Cloud using APIs and connectors. All customer interactions from these channels are unified and harmonized in Data Cloud, part of the Einstein 1 Platform, providing a comprehensive view.

Plus, global companies can expand their reach by offering support for LINE, Japan's leading messaging app.


Connections 2024 has showcased groundbreaking advancements in customer engagement and business growth. With this note wrapping up the blog, hope these highlights have given you insights into the Salesforce ecosystem.

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